Harmony, proportion and syntony in our microcosm

Bakery and Pasta Consulting is created during the celebration of 500 years from the death of Leonardo Da Vinci.

The logo chosen is a stylization of the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci to symbolize that every problem inherent in human society, is in the center of attention to research for natural, systematic, proportionate and harmonious solutions.


Baked goods and pasta are the main part of the Mediterranean diet.  They are in the center of our microcosm, to cover the demand of continuous request for improvement and perfection.

On the planet that is constantly changing our mission is to find proportion and harmony between nature and product.

Bakery and Pasta Consulting wants to give extra power to reach your goals. Based on twenty years of experience and through professional collaboration, we are ready to support you at any time.

Luca Sivelli

Luca Sivelli was born on the 8th of January 1976 in Polesine Parmense, in a small rural town on the river Po in the province of Parma, in a family of farmers and cattle dealers. Extensive fields and farm animals are the first images that wean him for the world. The passion for Mother earth products has been the stimulus to become an agricultural expert and food technologist.

Job experiences

After an experience in the certification company CSQA Srl and in the multinational Parmalat Spa, he starts a long experience of responsibility, research and coordination in the various Italian milling industries.

The first experience at Molino Magri Srl, was fundamental to understand the various qualitative problems which revolved around raw materials, processes and finished products, and was the launch platform for years of challenge and success.

In Molino Figna Spa, an important company with a predominantly industrial profile, he has stood out in the preparation of grain and flour mixes to satisfy particular lines of bakery products with high mechanization, so the company has reached almost exclusive supply and it has increased sales volumes.

The subsequent merger with Molino Agugiaro Spa was the new goal that made him develop and coordinate the entire quality system of the group.

In an optical of “win to win” solutions between quality, safety and cost, he has developed a group quality system which was cutting- edge, effective, efficient and he has met the highest market demands.

The consolidation phase of the Agugiaro & Figna Spa group, with making flour, semi-finished products and sourdogh under the brand name “Le 5 Stagioni”, “Le Sinfonie” and “Naturkraft”, were continuous challenges of each new harvest to find new solutions through the research and development in order to ensure the same qualities over time to customers.

Finally, at the Molino Casillo Spa Group, he has stood out in the managing, coordination and assistance of the new soft wheat industrial processing unit, bringing them in less than 4 years to top market players both industrials and professionals

Today, thanks to 18 years of managerial experience in quality control, quality assurance, research, development, coordination and planning in renowned Italian milling industries and through continuous service to multinationals and excellence in the bakery and pasta sector, he has founded Bakery and Pasta Consulting.

Performance ratings
  • Average increase in sales volumes by 25% per year
  • In less than 5 years I have developed core and non-core activities of important mills group bringing them among top players of market.
  • Knowledge of the various processing lines and product requirements led me to the development of technical specifications, almost reaching the exclusivity of the supply with some customers.
  • The development of optimal food safety and quality assurance solutions has led to 20% cost reductions
  • The collaboration with buyers and company traders to develop cost models and market valuations led me to obtain average cost reductions of 20%.
Bakery and Pasta Consulting

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