The training Process

The management of the training

Automation makes better our products and increases our wellbeing. That is why, cognitive skills (learning, analysis and communication) have a predominant role within a company at the expense of physical abilities. The only way to achieve effective and efficient skills within your automated system is training

It is true that a company must be a TEAM of people and we want to validate the slogan (Together-Everyone-Achieve-More). Continuous and broader training is the fuel to achieve much more.

Bakery and Pasta Consulting is a highly technical partner that can give your training an extra boost.

The topics we usually deal with:

  • Cereal milling products: chemical, qualitative and food safety characteristics of cereals
  • Analytical methods for qualitative determinations of cereal flours
  • Leavening: fermentations and the various influential factors
  • Bread making and pasta making processes: methods, characteristics and various key factors
  • Ingredients, additives, processing aid and enzymes: types and various functions they have in the baking and making processes.
  • Standardization of processes: methods and activities for the qualitative improvement of production lines.
  • Characteristics of bakery and pasta products: main defects and related corrective measures.

For matters not expressly listed the requested information is given by our qualified and specialized partners that can satisfy your training request. Everything can be handled directly at your facilities for your better perception of processes.

We know your needs and requirements. Here are some issues that we usually deal with:

  1. Training on the processing industry of bakery food and pasta.
  2. Training on Mills.
  3. Training on machinery and plant.
  4. Training on ingredients or semi-finished products.
The managing of the training

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