Training for machineries and plants

Training  your Technical staff

Time is money. Very often you do not have enough time or resources to train or support your technical staff for the tasks they are going to handle. Newly hired employees, job change, substitutability must not affect your goals or company routine. Make the most of your time and rely on those who can do it for you in a targeted and professional way.

What can we offer:

Training your technical personnel how to produce, analyze and process:

  • Cereal flour goods
  • Chemical, physical and rheological analyzes (alveography, farinography, extensography, amylography, viscosity, granulometry, gluten, color, etc.)
  • Processes: mixing, kneading, leavening, baking, refrigerating and freezing.
  • Ingredients, additives and processing aids
Optimizing your machinery or plants

If you know the ingredients very well you can increase the quality of your machinery or plant.

Nowadays knowledge is essential to achieve  your sales targets but also to develop new projects for the profit of future.

What can we offer

  • Training of your technical staff regarding ingredients (wheat flour and semolina, spelt, kamut, gluten, malt, soy, yeast, vitamins, sourdough and mineral salts, etc.), processing aids or dough conditioner (enzymes, ascorbic acid, etc.), emulsifiers (mono and di-glycerides etc.), and flavorings.
Ability to correlate production standards with the process parameters.

To have an effective and efficient technical staff it is important, not only to know your plants or machinery, but also to correlate production performance with process parameters and quality of the raw material. Only in this way can your technical staff make an important contribution to the quality and reliability of your system.

Your technicians are an active part and image in the production and for this reason continuous training is essential.

What can we offer:

– Formation of your quality control not only from the point of view of analytical execution (alveography, farinography, extensography, amylography, viscosity, granulometry, gluten, color, etc.) but also through the correlation and interpretation of data regarding line and finished product performance.

Training the entire staff

Training today cannot be just a privilege of single division but it must be shared and extended to multiple business units because all employees of the company have to achieve the same goal. That’s how each person will be able to make a greater contribution.

What can we offer:

  • Training not only your Control and Quality Assurance division or technical personnel but also buyers, warehouse operators and agents.
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